Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

DMBH | van Maaren van Baal & Haanstra (hereinafter referred to as: DMBH) respects the privacy of all users of its website and sees to it that the personal information that you provide us with is treated as confidential. During your visit to our website, DMBH may collect personal data about you, both directly (via a request made to you for information) and indirectly. DMBH will solely use this data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement and will make every effort to protect the personal data it has collected. Should we wish to use your data for other purposes then we are obliged to ask your consent for this. DMBH does not use any cookies.


DMBH uses its clients’ data in the way outlined below.


Data processing purposes

DMBH collects and processes data about clients and visitors to this website for its business operations, so that it can bring products and services that could be beneficial to you to your attention and make them available to you, as well as to develop web statistics. The information that you provide will be used to get in touch with you again if it is necessary to do so, for example to inform you about changes to the website’s functionality or to offer you services that you could wish to receive (unless you have told us that you do not wish to receive any offers of products and/or services).


Special personal data

DMBH does not use this Internet website to try to collect special personal data, this including such information as political opinions, race, religious conviction and health, and criminal or other matters. In cases where DMBH does try to collect such data, you will be asked beforehand for your consent.


Third-party Internet websites

This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party Internet sites that are linked to this website by links.


DMBH and personal data

DMBH takes the protection of personal data very seriously. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has prompted us to reorganise and further improve our programme for data protection and data security. The new European legislation has a role to play in our internal procedures, in the training of our staff and in the organisation of our processes, systems and relevant (internal) documentation.

We protect the data we receive as follows:

  • A colleague who is working on an assignment keeps the data that he or she receives confidential.
  • We only use the data for the purpose for which we receive it. This is why the only people allowed to access this data are the colleagues who need the data to perform their work.
  • We delete personal data as soon as the assignment has been completed, unless legislation or professional rules require us to retain the data (for example, to maintain a file).
  • If we deploy external service providers or other third parties that can access our clients’ personal data then we will enter into a sub-processor’s agreement with this party. We work with third parties who comply with our security requirements.


Cookies are little pieces of information that your Internet browser stores on your computer. DMBH does use cookies to improve its findability. Click here for more information about Cookies.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

DMBH reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. We recommend that you consult this Privacy Statement regularly so that you are up-to-date with any changes made.


Exercising your rights; getting in touch with DMBH

You can submit any questions you have about your dealings with this website, about access to and the accuracy of information that you previously provided DMBH with via the website, or requests to remove outdated information, to Note that if you previously registered to receive newsletters by e-mail and no longer wish to receive them then you must unsubscribe to them separately via the relevant link.

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